Monday, January 09, 2012

Pipeline waves on the Mon

While we are paddling out to ride the big wave this is too fun to pass up.  Despite rumors to the contrary, Mike is still around and catches the evolution of the Parking Chair from practicality to cultural icon and now to subject of serious academic research. Not a joke.

I am waiting for someone to be really angry at the assessment their parking chair rights, which as we all know vary a lot by neighborhood.. making them very very hard to assess consistently.  Note I am serious more than you think.  If someone has rights to a parking chair, then said rights must have some nonzero economic value.  I would have too much fun as a lawyer.

I'm still mad that the Pittsburgh Parking Chair Wikipedia page I created went away in that it was absorbed into a far more generic Parking Chair page.  Can I sue the Wiki-gnomes for a taking?


Anonymous hholt01 said...

as a frequent wiki gnome (and a founding member of the wikiproject and wikiportal on pittsburgh), suing is a bit over the top since its their game their field, and they make clear that you release everything to public editing. I think if we could rouse up some consensus in the wikiproject pittsburgh as well as others we may be able to spinoff the Pittsburgh Parking Chair into its very own article, notability of why "Pittsburgh Parking Chair" is unique and varied to the present article would be the doubters first question. As it stands now (sad to say) a lot of the hundreds of part time members of the wikiproject are kind of busy (fighting own battles even?) on expanding what might be more relevant or even absent articles on the metro when compared to similar families of articles/portals/projects on the wikiverse. I have to say I was sad to see it be swallowed up but as I am sure some know on this blog, wiki has a natural bias to de-regionalize things as much as possible--and get this they justify that by stating they don't want to promote regional biases! The catch 22 on that is an infinite hole.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 12:22:00 AM  

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