Tuesday, January 10, 2012

There is another

Dear Judge Wettick,

Just in case you are looking for an  über Solomonic path forward from this ever more convoluted state... 

There was a complete reassessment completed of all Allegheny County properties completed in 2005, and those numbers were already professionally judged to be accurate. Done. Complete. County-wide.  Evaluated and tested and ready to go. Allegheny County paid for that reassessment as well. Makes you wonder how much money has been spent to not complete a reassessment.

Note that the County's Chief Assessor back then, arguably the last professional assessor the county has had one might argue, explained the changes in values quite clearly:
The major increases, she said, reflect a strong housing market marked by low interest rates, new construction and a high number of sales.
So why now, after yet another 6 years from when that was written is this all being warped into something so inconceivably emotional?  If there were big changes in market values just 3 years after the 2002 base year numbers,...  then why would the expection be there would not be even greater changes after a subsequent 6 years.


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