Monday, February 27, 2012

Behind Curtain Number 2...

Sometimes it is worth looking back at old posts. Actually a reader reminded me recently that there still are 'deals' being shopped to consumers for locking in long term natural gas prices.   Reminds me that a year and a half ago I posted this letter I received myself.

Was it a good deal?  Even then Elwin pointed out the problems with interpreting the offer. It seems the offer was just for the commodity price of the gas, not the total price consumers pay. If someone had taken this deal, they clearly would have lost out vs. the option of not taking it.  But what about going forward?

There are current version of these  deals being offered are you can check out the current version of the natural gas shopping guide put out by the state.  It seems to still be the case that for all the vaunted deregulation of natural gas supplies in Pennsylvania, some of us only have one alternative offer and even that comes at a price that is above prices we get by default these days.  That and I am pretty sure the current natgas price has not yet fully adjusted for the recent drops in natural gas prices. 

The bottom line is that the only 'offer' I have is to pay a higher price than what I currently get with the added benedit that the higher price will be 'locked in' for a year.  You would think with all this gas literally erupting all around us there might be a few more suppliers willing to offer gas to consumers at more competitive rates?  A curious system of 'competition' all around.

 And on that state shopping guide page.. it seems that none of the archive links seem to be working??