Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ещё разик, ещё да раз

More great parsing of the current reassessments from Tom at BlogLebo: Reality-Checking the Reassessments. A must read, but don't you wish every municipality had a Tom?

And more reassessment news from Lehigh County where their property assessments are in the mail.  See the Allentown Morning Call:Lehigh County reassessment notices are in the mail.  Look at all that detailed explanation that went out in their letters from Lehigh County to individual property owners.  Looks like they laid it all out up front.

and for all the folks who are asking me for more information on what the baseline assessment numbers are for municipalities in the southern neighborhoods (other than Mt. Lebo which has that information per above) that received their values last week; I don't have it, nor have had time to scrape it.  I would suggest getting in touch with your county council representatives to make that information available somehow.  If Tom can put it up there, the county surely can with a lot less work than he had to do to produce that.   


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