Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One Municipality Down - only 129 to go....

Crowdsourcing at its finest...   denizens of municipality otherwise known as the home rule charter community of Mount Lebanon might want to check out what Blog-Lebo has up on the what new assessments mean for each and every property there.  Cool. 

Of course it all begs a bigger question.... why do we all need to do such contortions to figure out what is going on with assessments in Allegheny County?   On that note, check out all the new data citizens of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania learned today about their new property assessments.   Basically citizens there will know more about their new property assessment before they ever see their new values individually than citizens here will know even after all values have been sent out. I think that is called educating the public. Someone really needs to write about the process the two counties went through in their respective reassessments.

So I am sure there are a few more Toms to help out with the Mt. Lebos out there.  Who is going to help get the information out on Wall, PA? 


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