Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Yunzer Caching

Here is the ultimate Yunzer contest:

Start at the Point.  Head out past the Hilton Hotel and continue toward the Sweet William.  Stay on the road as it heads out of Downtown past the Buyers Mart.  When you see a Winky’s on your right make an immediate right and go over the Bridge.  At end of Bridge go toward French Fry Park.   Make left at first traffic light.  Continue through first light.  Right at Dwelling House Savings.   At fork in road veer left.  When you hit a T go left and continue until you go over the Brady Street Bridge.  Make right.  Left at South Vo-Tech.  Go 3 blocks, make right.  Continue until you get to top of a hill. Make left.  Go 5 blocks.
Where am I?

We need a contest to see who can come up with the best version of this.  Maybe the all-Isaly's version?


Update:  I guess we need some rules if people really are thinking of this (h/t PopCityMedia and others).
  • Must start and end with a known current location in or around Pittsburgh
  • References for directions must only be to landmarks that no longer exist, or have changed names
  • No references to any current street names, but street names used in the past are ok
  • Bonus points for referencing a past Isaly’s location
  • Points for references that even Google can’t help you locate, but would be known to past denizens of Pittsburgh

and the criteria?  Like all art, it's up to you.  The more obscure the references the better.