Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Asian Pittsburgh

The Census folks are releasing a report today on Asian-Americans nationally.  

For Pittsburgh, as low as recent international immigrant flows are for the region, the one trend that sticks out is for folks coming from Asia, which includes those from the subcontinent. 

I should update this graphic, but folks really are surprised to learn that it is now the case there are more immigrants residing in Pittsburgh (the region) who were born in Asia than anywhere else.  30 years ago 70% if immigrants in the region were born in Europe. Now the proportion is less than half that reflecting the aging of that population and low immigration rates since then.  Whereas the Asian born population here has gone from ~10% to nearly 50.   Note this chart is showing the breakdown of the foreign born population, not its size.  Overall the foreign born population in the region is much lower than it was decades ago . 


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