Thursday, March 29, 2012

Old political websites never die.....

This is a true story and I have once or twice tried to find this original article.. but sometime in the still early 1990s I remember reading a major news story all about how this "world wide web" thing was just a fad. The prime evidence were some examples of web sites set up by a few large corporations... but had then had never updated them.  So outdated they were those web pages at that moment in time that clearly the web was waning.  If anyone can find any news article like that I'd love to have the reference.   

That all came to mind alond with some of this week's news and in a stream of consciousness kind of way got me wondering what virtual politicians might still be out there.  So in no intentional order:

Still up and running... no mention of a little sabatical the senator is on:

Not a campaign site, but something the twitterverse discovered on Monday,  for those who might be wondering what ever happened to former state rep Jeff Habay...  the answer apparently according to linked in is Brazilian real estate and movie voice-over acting.   YCMTSU.

Also not a campaign site, but still running

What may top them all... this was in fact once the official campaign web site.. it really was. Check it out now: 

There must be more. Any other examples folks can find?  and no archived pages...  things that the public might come across today wittingly or not.


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