Friday, March 02, 2012

To wonk... or to really wonk

For the really obsessive wonks out there, there was a presentation this morning about all you ever want to know about measuring governments in and of themselves here the US.  Government measuring government is like meta-wonking.   The presentation from the governments division at the Census Bureau is all on the census web page.  I'm just happy that they no longer count the City of Pittsburgh's Equipment Leasing Authority as a separate local government which they used to do. 

Sometimes you can over-wonk things and I suspect most will have eyes glaze over quickly looking at all those slides, as interesting as they are to some of us...  So for the general public here is just a reprint of my graphic of all the local governments in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Just the state version of what I once did for the greater Pittsburgh region once. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best argument for Anarchism that I've seen in awhile!

Saturday, March 03, 2012 9:58:00 AM  

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