Friday, April 20, 2012

See what that National Geographic article wrought?

So not so much new in the latest data dump on jobs for the region.  Job count is up year over year again, and about average what you would expect month over month between Feb and March.  I had thought the mild weather would have pushed up some of the mid-winter employment which could have made the seasonal increases at the end of winter appear smaller.  So not yet, but maybe that will show up next month. Total jobs are the 2nd highest for a March other than the peak period in early 2001 discussed previously.  So I will go on a limb and say that July 2012 will be the all-time peak in the job counts for the Pittsburgh region.  You can hold me to that when we get that data.

So what might be interesting?  Again looking at sequential March data only, some solid jumps in the employment in local "Leisure and Hospitality industries".  Looks like this.. again just plotting March of each year:

So the local hotels are happy I am sure.  It is interesting in that in the past you would sometimes see this factoid of high 'tourism' related employment in the region.  It was true, but it was also reflecting the impact of the USAirways hub across a number of industries which would typically be thrown into that metric.  So it was not quite the same 'tourism' impact in that it was not  necessarily folks coming to visit Pittsburgh itself.   Yet now the hub is kaput and the 'travel and leisure' job counts are pretty solidly going up.  So there you go.


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