Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cleveburgh Casino Concerns

Big day Monday up at the other end of Cleveburgh.  Some day someone is going to have lots of fodder for a paper on the spatial patterns of local casino markets.  What do I mean? Up in Detroit the headlines are all about how: Ohio's new casinos could cost cash-strapped Detroit $30 million a year, analysis predicts.  The analysis comes from Mckinsey and it is not alone.  It is the same concern up in Erie.  In Pittsburgh before it was built the notional new local casino here was expected to draw most of its business from a cachement area of 150 miles or less.  How close is Cleveland?  or more importantly, how much of population within 150 miles of Pittsburgh is also within 150 miles of Cleveland?  Break out the compass and dividers.

According to the AP, it is such a big deal that: Cleveland Casino may begin Rust Belt revival.  Really? They are not dumb up the turnpike there, they know full well what some of the indirect economic impacts are likely to be.  They also know some of the odds. Once they get going it is going to be interesting to compare the payout rates for slots up there vs. here.

In the end it may all be about the food.  One thing that may be a real competitive advantage up there....  the spread.  Speaking of competitive advantage, the bit of underappreciated news from last month is that down in West Virginia they seem to have implicitly voted for keeping their casino instead of having to move it to attract the ethylene cracker that was big news here.  Voting with their (virtual) chips is one way to describe it. 

And Inspector Renault may not be as prolific as Yogi Berra (Happy Birthday Yogi!) but he was just was wise.  Funny how they are already squabbling over the money the new casino may bring in up in Cleveland.

A bit non sequitur, but speaking of Cleveburgh... from last year, but after my oped on Cleveburgh that was in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, I didn't notice this very anti-Cleveburgh piece from NE Ohio: This idea is the Pits.  All I can say is folks read some things a bit too literally.  I saw some commentary back then on the piece that suggested I was proposing some sort of Cleveland-Pittsburgh government be formed and how bad that would be. Yeah, that is what I was proposing??


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