Saturday, June 23, 2012

Speaking of real estate

Just if you didn't catch it.. there has been a curious news cycle over the observation that there is a lot of real estate investment in Toledo coming from China.  See Fortune: Why are the Chinese investing in Toledo,   followed up by WSJ: Courting the Chinese Buyer.  It's all really building on some longstanding investigative work by the Toledo Blade: Inquiry Sheds light on Chinese investors.

US. Chinese real estate investment sure is something we have sure tried to encourage. A few years ago I noted the Pittsburgh connection to some Chinese real estate investing in the US.  We really are the center of everything these days. Various press on that elsewhere, but nothing really here. 

But it is curious.  Note there is the obligatory paranoia over all of this.  Some may recall similar sentiment when there was a lot of Japanese investment in US real estate 20 years ago.  I am not sure any of that turned out badly for the US, though it didn't work out well for a lot of the investors as I recall my history. Since real estate isn't going to be moved overseas you have to wonder what the risk is.   What I don't get is that the same folks paranoid over this are likely also paranoid over the state of the US economy and predicting collapse in some near term.  So why would these Chinese investors be voting with their wallets and investing here if soon there was going to be this big collapse? In one way or another these investments imply they think the future return is better than anything they can invest in at home.  Well.. too big a topic for here, but weekend thoughts to ponder.


Blogger BrianTH said...

They make stuff and send it over here for us to consume, in return for which they get dollars. Then they take those dollars and invest it in real estate here, which as Chris points out has to stay here.

Someone is not doing well on this deal, but I don't think it is us (I'd start by looking at the folks in China making that stuff--do they get a share of the real estate? I'd guess mostly not).

Sunday, June 24, 2012 12:49:00 AM  

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