Thursday, June 14, 2012

This is not a simulacrum

So forgive me a bit of selfish auto-recursion. Down in DC there are a lot of slaps on the back being passed around over the state of the Pittsburgh economy.  Curious to me that this is all news now, but hey... better late than never. 

Still it all reminds me of my buddy David Brock and his attack on my untuous bafflegab not withstanding.... I sometimes wonder if he reads the blog. 

but he was not alone and lets look at 2005 and this editorial in the PBT: Stop Making Excuses.. skip to the penultimate sentence if you wish... It was not a time when saying positive things were taken kindly.. or at least credibly.  For everyone who thinks there is any new story in any of the current positive economic story... it was just the next year.. at the end of 2006 when Pittsburgh's unemployment rate slipped below the national rate and has remained below the national rate ever since. So we are now 65 months and counting. The all-important inflection point in the economy must have come before that by definition.

It was all a time when to even hint at any optimistic future for Pittsburgh would get you labeled a contrarian by most everyone.  It was a weird time when almost all popular mythos were as negative as they were baseless.  Though maybe we have new mythos to replace the old ones?

OK.. returning to base course. 


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