Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To the data

For those who have asked about the redistricting maps I put up the other day

I will add more fields to this file in the future, but here is where I will put a CSV file of voting district data for the City of Pittsburgh into the following link/location with the first record the field names:

and it's not there yet, but when I get time I will put up a data dictionary at this link:

For the moment though, I suspect the field names are self explanatory enough for now.  This has the old and new city council districts with the 2010 demographics.

So I guess we should have a contest for the best map or illustration anyone can make of it.

Update:  So I had no idea this was out there, but there is a city council redistricting page out there with some maps and data.  I will tell you their maps and data is not consistent with mine.  I think the new redistricting plan has left Ward 4 District 16 (which has clearly been voting in all recent election cycles as part of city council district 6) as an island unto itself separated from the rest of District 6. City Council's data sure says that 4-16 is part of Council District 3.    I am told there is some fundamental confusion over whether this particular voting district is in D3 or D6.. but go look at the county elections page yourself and it is clear where those folks have have been voting in the past and it sure isnt D3.   Says a lot about how much anyone at the city pays attention if you can't even agree on what precincts are in what council districts.  Not something that would have gone unnoticed in Davey Lawrence's days for sure. 


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