Monday, June 18, 2012

When Harrisburg does good.

While there may be lots of other things to grouse about..  it is worth noting in triplicate when good things come out of Harrisburg.   h/t to JG at Keystone Politics for noting what I also missed last week.. namely that the state general assembly did something wise and forward thinking.  Read:

House votes to re-fund mortgage assistance program

and get this.  They voted unanimously! I didn't think the state house voted unanimously if there was a bill affirming the Commonwealth was part of the United States.   What is the headline about?  HEMAP, Pennsylvania's longstanding  foreclosure prevention program mentioned here in the past whose defunding last year was about the apogee of bad policy. A program with wide bipartisan support... with very minimal cost, yet widely thought to be instrumental in keeping Pennsylvania foreclosure rates near the lowest in the nation. 

Could the senate not support a bill unanimously supported by the house?  Could the governor veto a bill with that much support.

Why was the program defunded last year in the first place?  and why was this not news across the state?


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