Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Annual is as annual does

PG has an article today: Prospect of defense cuts looms over Pa. that references some industry sponsored study of potential employment impacts of cuts in defense spending.

Funny thing is that there ought not to be a need for the industry sponsored report... at least for the city.   Mentioned in the past here as an example of how out of date Pittsburgh's city code is. There are a lot of things buried in city code that are just plain overlooked or completely forgotten about. Something esoteric, but related to the defense story is this which is directly from Section 204 of the Pittsburgh Code of Ordinances: Specifically § 204 i 4 - says this verbatim:
4. The mayor shall present an annual report on the tax monies paid per capita and the citizens of the City of Pittsburgh to the federal government that is allocated to military spending. The report shall include an analysis of the impact of the military budget on the City's economy in relation to jobs and social services. The mayor shall advertise this analysis in two prominent daily newspapers in the City.

That all happened once I do believe though I never have found the actual advertisement. May not be required any longer because of a unique legal opinion on the definition of 'annual'. A bottoms up review of the city's home rule charter might not be a bad thing at some point. Call it a once in a generation cleaning.   Maybe another contest is in order..  what else is screwey or at least out of date in city code?  Does the city still have a "Director of Water" as referenced? 
That or maybe a contest for what changes people want.  I think somewhere in city code should be the word 'tweet'. 
Boring I know.. but just things that catch my eye because I started out as a defense budget wonk long ago.  Some of you were not even alive I bet when that was published.


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