Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's back....

So I mentioned it here first a couple weeks short of 5 years ago, but then it quietly disappared from view with nary an explanation.  What is it? A boutique "Hotel Indigo" .

I honestly saw those signs when they went up as well, but I think I wrote the off as not meaning what they do.  I recently saw a new-looking Len Bodack for Council yard sign up as well.   Only after a moment did I realize the sign itself was facing a wall and other the other side was a new message.. Lemonade 50 cents and the obligatory young sales person with table.  Gotta be the best reuse of a yard sign ever... but so I thought the signs for the hotel were not quite a new development either.

Apparently it is all real via the Epic Development Blog h/t the Pittsburgh City-Data forums.  It is still interesting.. back then when I looked at it more the selling point the hotel was pitching was its proximity to Downtown and Oakland which seemed a stretch.  Now maybe it does not need to justify a weird hook like that?  Now where is our future pod hotel?  Still a 'Boutique' hotel in Pittsburgh... let alone the heart of East Liberty is way way up on the Toto scale. 

Now if folks really want funk for East Liberty...... Bring back the Cantini!!  Yeah, yeah.. I know. It's right around the corner, but that isn't where it was intended.  I hear there is a DeLorean driving around town of late.  No joke.

Speaking of Len... or one of the Len's succesor ..  To follow up on a recurring subject here... Most will have seen this news items already, but it looks like the transfer tax loophole that has hit the School District and City of Pittsburgh's tax collection has been fixed via an ammendment in the states tax code.  If you just look at the lost revenue in a few recent big transactions, I bet one could work out the math to show that the Senator has more than paid for the entire NPV of his future pension with just that one little ammendment.  I think there are still a few ways to get around the transfer tax, but this was a big easy way that was used too much.


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Blogger Unknown said...

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