Tuesday, July 03, 2012

On to Snodder's Switch

So I have to admit I have not quite been following all the nuances over the current spat on proposals for new development by the Buncher Company in the Strip District.   Part of the debate seems to be over a distinct proposal to restart the Allegheny Valley Railroad which might not quite mesh (my oversimplification) with what Buncher has proposed. 

The Allegheny Valley Railroad itself has one of those long Pittsburgh histories that are almost inexplicable in how long they have been debated. Actually the story of the AVRR's terminal connection to Downtown has been a news item just a few year longer than that.  Persistent we are.
As mentioned here a couple years ago...   and as noted in the PG article today there is a legal land dispute issue in all of this that needs to be resolved by the U.S. Surface Transportation Board.  If you really really want to learn the details on that there is a video record of the hearings which is actually online here. (wmv file, and the AVRR case starts at time 53:08).  As I said in 2010, transit wonks, or anyone interested in city development efforts in the Strip District or those interested in th AVRR will want to watch most of it as painful as that might be.


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