Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sic Semper Bob

OK....  so follow along now.

First, you get a fairly complete synopsis of my thoughts on the 'young people leaving' meme in this just out:  The Young Person Myth

Now I admit I get pinged on for not letting go of the BorderGuard Bob meme in itself.  The idea that young people are not fleeing has not been a part of any data apparent to me fora long time now.  So I may be wrong, but nobody can say I am inconsistent.  Apologies for those sick of hearing about Bob, but it really is an idea that just will not die in Pittsburgh.  I routinely have conversations to this day with someone who wants to do something or another to 'retain' people and do whatever it takes to keep them from leaving.  Especially the idea of keeping more young college graduates here as if it is possible to keep young college grads from moving.. or if it is even possible to keep more than we are already retaining.  Border Guard Bob was a big deal.   I saw the story boards for the Border Guard Bob production being toured around and the projected ad buy I remember clearly as being touted was going to be ~$8mil and that was nearly 15 years ago.  Real money and the real cost was not the $$ but the self-defeating message it gave to ourselves... and let's not even ponder what fun the world might have had with it all.  It was a pre-sarcastic age (no Colbert) so it may not have been so bad.   

But for those who think I make up Border Guard Bob (I really do get that thought on rare occasion), don't read my earlier thoughts on the subject, but how about this in the PBT in 1999: Why I should be Border Guard Bob. 

Now if you read that piece it says Pittsburgh should save itself by keeping one student-resident, a Brian Mendelssohn. So what happened to him.  Did he take Bob's advice? Now I don’t know Mr. Mendelssohn, but I  hope it is the same BM who now owns the former  Arsenal Bank building mentioned in this CP story yesterday on a potential new hotel in Lawrenceville Looks like he stayed in town.
Thanks Bob!  You succeeded by osmosis. 
 P.S.   I sure hope it is the same guy or else just ignore all of that.  


Anonymous The Wiz said...

I bet the Pittsburgh MSA has a high turnover rate. Meaning that a lot of people that grew up or around in the 'burgh move away either for college not to return or move after college graduation in search of a better job. These people are replaced by others moving in, often from more distant areas of Pa.

Lots of Pa cities and towns have been losing their college educated for decades. New Castle, Franklin, Meadeville, Dubois, Johnston .....lots of towns have lost population, especially ones that go off to college and never return 'cept for holidays, weddings and funerals. I'm sure that would also include people from Oho and W Virginia. Many of these move into the Pittsburgh MSA.

This is actually good for Pittsburgh as it gives the area a vibrant population with a mix of people with various backgrounds. But it hurts the areas that suffer from16 a brain brain and leadership deficit.

Thursday, August 23, 2012 10:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is the same guy. I forgot about that article. Now I'm blushing.

Thursday, December 13, 2012 5:23:00 PM  

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