Friday, October 26, 2012

Daily Digit: 0.32% 0.19%

So maybe I need to get into a daily digit type of routine.  Of late there is a round of news around the state how municipalities are going to use their shale gas impact fee windfall.  Here is the Inky's version: PA towns savor drilling impact-fee checks.

How much of a windfall is it?  According to the news, a total of $204 million is being distributed to local governments across the commonwealth.  A big number yes?  

For perspective the revenue for local governments alone across Pennsylvania amounted to $63 billion in 2010 alone. So the ratio of the new windfall to that revenue base gives me........

update:  I overestimated.   So only 60% of the 204 million goes to local governments.  So it is $122 million being distributed to local governments.  The ratio works out to be: 0.19%.

If you really want to play with numbers, that $ amount is equivalent to the fines from just 10 red light cameras like this one in DC.


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