Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Public Service Labor Force Stats for Pennsylvania MSAs

So just as a public service announcement to fill in for the state data gnomes. They would have released unemployment rates for metro areas (and other areas) within the state today.  That release is delayed it says due to weather their web site currently says.

Here is what their release will eventually say for the metro areas within Pennsylvania. We will have to wait for the state gnomes to produce similar data for the other sub-state areas such as micropolitan areas, counties and selected municipalities. Click on the image for something more readable. I've put the border around data that is new.

Of course, there will be no reporting on any of that until the state sends out the press releases that say same. Can't be any news without a press release of course.  But you can look this all up right now. This is the same data the state announced it was using as of last month if you remember the issue with inconsistency between state and federal time series for seasonally adjusted Pittsburgh data before.


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