Sunday, November 18, 2012

again voter participation mythos

So I was looking at the graph I put up the other day with county-wide voter participation.  It occured to me that the graph really obscured the impact of higher turnout in parts of the county which had a contested congressional race for PA12.  That race was only in nothern parts of the county which are not the most diverse municipalities. I suspect that race pushed up the voter participation in selected districts more than others.  

So to look again at the oft-repeated mythos that minorities vote less than others, here is the same data limited just to voting districts in the city of Pittsburgh. Again, the hypothesis that minorities vote less means that line is downward sloping. 

I bet common wisdom will not be debunked by any such pesky data.


Anonymous MH said...

I wonder if 2008 was the same? If not, it might be support for the voter-id backfire theory.

Sunday, November 18, 2012 7:21:00 PM  

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