Tuesday, February 05, 2013

How now brown field?

h/t to @otiswhite for pointing out this article on How Gas Works Park shapes the Northwest today all about Seattle's Gasworks Park.  Worth a read and worth comparing to what we have going on here. 

From the archives here, Gasworks Park was mentioned here long ago in this post: Duisburg on the Mon.Gasworks park is much akin to Pittsburgh's industrial heritage.  The difference being they have attempted to preserve some of it, whereas we are becoming experts at returning our industrial heritage to fallow.  Not much left to save even.  

That old post was actually about Landscape Park in Duisburg, Germany. Duisburg is really about as close to a sister city Pittsburgh can have.  Former industrial center, large inland port, and now university center in the Ruhr Valley of Germany.  Landscape Park is a bit euphemistically named site of a former steelworks comparable in size to what was in Homestead.  You can roam through it from top to bottom, no guide necessary. Something the risk averse legal beagles would never allow in this country.  An obligatory visit for any Yunzer visiting anywhere in proximity.  Now we are left trying to more limited artifact that is the Carrie Furnace.  Maybe, just maybe, it will be saved by toruism generated by the bike trail to be completed imminiently, as ironic as that would be.  Truth is, and I hate to admit, the site has been left to oxidize far too long and may be past saving in any meaningful sense.  If you get a chance though, get out there to take one of the guided tours they offer if only to see the massive guerilla art that has been erected inside. I argue it may be the most extensive mass of guerilla art in the nation.