Saturday, March 02, 2013

second order effects

Where forth went the great Pittsburgh diaspora and to what effect? A great Pittsburgh reference in Grantland pretty much says Pittsburgh, or to be specific, a horde of ex-Pittsburghers, is the main reason professional hockey is in Tennessee.  See: The Union Forever- Hard times and hockey on the Nashville Highway

Speaking of the hockey...  Penguins co-owner Ron Burkle is in the news out in Sacramento: Mayor Unveils Comprehensive Plan to Build Arena and Keep Kings in Sacramento

Yes.  In Pittsburgh everything is connected.

.....and that is as close as you will get to a comment from me on mayoral machinations.  Base reality remains far more fluid than I think most realize; punditry is more fraught with peril than normal until the unknown unknown collapses some more. 

OK.. I lie.  Not punditry, but just sheer historical allusion.  PG story today on all the potential candidates suggests the race couldbe between Jack Wagner, Jim Ferlo, and Dan Onorato. Only in Pittsburgh (still) does 20 years ago seem exactly like tomorrow. Note even the byline.  It's the exactly part where Pittsburgh exceptionalism is unmatched.  That article today was just lacking a quote from Cyril Wecht. (another 20-some year old news clip of past Onorato/Wagner match-ups is this... is that the same Matt Drozd??)