Friday, March 01, 2013

The Dialectic of Numbers

I just have to point out the wonkish dielectic in the news yesterday.

Note in the PG is an interview highlighting how Pennsylvania's Department of Labor is highlighting the state's labor force growth: State chief of Labor and Industry sees promising numbers in economic data

Now note the much lower projected growth in the labor force that the state's Department of Revenue is relying on to forecast next year's tax revenues.  Actually, to be clear, the Commonwealth is actually projecting no growth whatsover in Pennsylvania's labor force.  Last I saw a 0% labor force growth is projected every year into the future.  Now go back and read the earlier link to the PG story yesterday.

Growth.... no growth...  growth...  no growth. 

Why it matters is something that impacts virtually everyone touched by the state's budget in any way. As we discussed earlier, which version is correct is  The most important number you never (ever) think about


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