Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Little Sort

So this is all a bit ridiculous, but it is what it is.  Given the obsessions of the moment, here are just some old  maps again reposted from the archives.   I'll tell you that I find myself staring at votes Carmen Robinson wound up with in 2009. And no, that is not to imply she herself is running.  Nonetheless, it becomes a determinative block of votes if indeed this all becomes a buckshot election. More on that below the maps. Also.....since we now have at least semi-serious names being floated from the North/East/South, what I wonder is why there are few mayoral hopefuls (past/present/future) from the West End?

Percentage Dowd 2009 

Percentage Robinson 2009

Percentage Peduto 2005

Percentage Lamb 2005

Percentage Kendrick 2005

But why am I fascinated by the Robinson results?  Here is a table I did over a decade ago for a court case showing my calculation of the election results by race in the long past Dawida/Wecht matchup in the Democratic primary for Allegheny County executive.


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