Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Casino not going to help much

I know it seems far away, but this is big news even here.  Up in Erie the GE locomotive factory is cutting back by 1,000 jobs.  Bad enough, but the jobs are not just scaling down, but moving to Texas. Strong implications are that more of the Erie jobs will soon be migrating, with or without their workers.

How big a deal?  News accounts say the Erie plant has 6-7K Jobs.  For a metro region with 127K jobs, just under 23K of them in manufactuting, the potential loss of 6K jobs (only IF the whole plant goes away) is huge. The one plant represents a quarter of all manufacuting jobs in the Erie metro, which I think is just one county.

Not good.  Just 2 hours up 79. If any of those 'manufacturing is coming back' billboards is up near Erie, can someone post a picture?


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