Friday, April 05, 2013

Random bits

PG's Pipeline catches a news item sent via Minitel from France and debates over fracking for geothermal. See: Le Fracking for Geothermal Heat Drawing Ire of French Oil.  It could be a local story as well.  I think I mentioned once that this all could become an issue not terribly far from here where a geothermal hotspot is located in West Virginia. Something that if developed would likely be with fracking as well. (I keep forgetting, do I use the k or not?)

Uber wonk only daily ranking.  Pittsburgh ranks 34 of 51 among regions for accessibility of jobs by car via this report out of the University of Minnesota: Access Across America

Just for nostalgia at this point, but some interesting USAirways news out today: US Airways reports record March load factor  and Demand Questions Surface in Delta, US Airways Reports

and some may remember my book review in the CP a few years ago on The Lost Cyclist by David Herihy.  From the agenda it looks like the author is coming to the Pittsburgh Bicycling Expo on Sunday on the South Side. Still a lot of neat Pittsburgh history in the story, even before the (presumed) tragic end.  I am not sure it is terribly safe to bicycle across Kurdistan today where it is presumed.


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