Friday, May 24, 2013

Where are you 54C?

Joe posted a comment yesterday with a video of some great mayors all talking about Pittsburgh apropos the absolutely ridiculous Weinergate news cycle yesterday. It really is an amazing collection of American big city mayors in that.

But Joe also has a cooler video from decades ago on what the 54C means to Pittsburgh.  I've mentioned before my 2nd spoken word was literally 'bus,' after Dad and even before Mom to my mothers chagrin.  So for a bus route that tied together Pittsburgh's North, East and South this is it.  Just didn't stretch into the West End is all. I'm just mad that the Port Authority now has a pretender named the 54D out there as well. Sacrilege!

Anyways... file under things that make Pittsburgh Pittsburgh:

If you are not into history, another Today Show clip from yesterday is all about amusement parks.  At time 1:26 some may note our friend Jim F. who is one of America's foremost experts on all things roller coaster.  I can't believe he didn't get a Kennywood plug in there. 

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