Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Misc News Roundup

Some odds and ends worth mentioning:

Conflagration on the North Side over a proposed expansion of the historic district there. Might be worth looking again at what was once planned for the area.  Would have made for a different neighborhood history for sure if more than the 279 spur ever came to pass. 

Then there is this whole ring-gate thing. Serves Kraft right for getting out of Frequency-Gate if you ask me.  Curious, though, how this new tempest makes more news than a little issue with a piece of paper and the same principal.

There are going to be a lot of names popping up to replace pDowdy. Since it was such a non-race in the end, it appears I never made any maps of the 2011 race in D7?, but from 2007 I had some deconstruction.   Different geography, and a relatively different Lawrenceville of late of course.  But for those looking for a candidate to back.....  where is Mitch Kates these days?  I was surprised he lost back in the day.  Former pro-wresters are like political gold in town.  (Yeah, I know... youn'uns are saying: Mitch who? That and he has long moved out of town.) 

Check out the photo caption in this out of Ohio: Ohio leaders focus on ‘selling our state’ to keep, lure the young and educated. Emergency, emergency, call Border Guard Bob!

and I am a bit biased, but still the coolest story of the week. Otherwise titled the Ruptured Duck returneth.


Blogger Ray Prushnok said...

Thanks Chris -- love your blog.

Is there a good map out there of all of the existing historic districts?

I live in Allegheny West, a quaint historic district, which is nice. However, it ain't all historic either and tearing things down to promote density near a T stop and CCAC seems logically ideal.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 11:30:00 AM  

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