Tuesday, June 25, 2013

North Side Story

City Council still working on North Side issues. Trib: Pittsburgh council floats compromise to preserve Mexican War Streets. PG: Bill defeated to extend Mexican War Streets historic district.

Part of me is just amazed how some debates here go on not just for years, but generations. What to do with North Side real estate was a big top early in the 1950s.  I'll repost again some great old images of what was once envisioned for the Mexican War Streets neighborhood on the North Side. Again, these are some images from the North Side Study of 1954. The question that asks itself is...  if this had been built, when would it all have been torn down, and what debates would we be having today?  Also from a post last week, the contemporaneous news coverage of the plan below. The powers that be were sure that "This would do it"

Of course, the 'it' might be up for debate. Again, click on images for higher res versions:


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