Thursday, July 04, 2013

A people numerous and networked*

I try not to comment on much beyond the rivers, but it is remarkable to watch the news in Egypt.  Confusing and contradictory for sure, but if anyone thinks our own history is any less so probably has some reading to catch up on. Did the American Revolution end anytime before 1865? Is it over now?

Egypt is a truly fascinating place for those who have been there.  One of the earlier posts here was about a faraway Egyptian blogger with the nom de plume Sandmonkey.  Since then the blogger has revealed himself as one Mahmoud Salem, been beaten, was jailed, communicated a revolution, ran as a candidate for parliment and continues as an international speaker, even venturing some more pure wonkdom of late.  He was even mentioned locally in the Trib the other day. [5+ years after mentioned here first! :-)]  Impressive since I don't think many of us here are about to be randomly quoted in the Caireen press anytime soon.

It all puts in perspective so many of our tempests and what free speech really means. With the limited exception of the unsung Grantstreet99, I don't think any of us has been pursued by the law in any comparable way... and with a bit of poetic justice it is GS99's tormenter under house arrest of late.

So for July 4th it may be worth pondering how much some risk daring to read, think, speak, and write (and occassionally blog)**.

* Apologies to John Shy.

**  ditto John Adams.


Anonymous The Wiz said...

Started reading Iraq the Model after returning vets were telling me that the news wasn't showing the truth about Iraq back in 2004. I then read several other blogs from the ME including The Egyptian Sandmonkey. What was most amazing is that the bloggers and their followers throughout the ME knew much more about our founding fathers than almost all Americans. They could quote their writings and speeches and knew the Constitution inside and out. These people have a great thirst for freedom.

Thursday, July 04, 2013 7:21:00 PM  

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