Sunday, July 28, 2013

To toast, to tweet, to tube

Caught this in the Boston Globe of all places: This (Pittsburgh) Toaster Can Tweet.

What strikes me is 1) how sublimely simple the circuit in itself is comprised only of a 'terminal board, a 1k resistor, and some alligator clips'.  Some third party hardware helps just a bit.  But  2) this doesn't even rate news here, and I am not suggesting it should; and 3) the story does not mention Pittsburgh's long long history of putting random devices on the Internet. 

On point 3... one could argue Pittsburgh has a big part in the history of gadgetry on the web.  Here is the seminal history of CMU's Coke Machine on the pre-web Internet. Finger that.

On the toaster in the news of late: (I've taken down the video because it auto-starts irritatingly enough so see first link above to access)


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