Friday, July 12, 2013

Yinzer Apophenia N'at

Nothing new to readers here, but I can't help but connect two PG virtual stories today. Virtual in that neither appear in ink.  In ER they cover some political angsting over EPA regulations impacting the coal industry. See: Republican delegation opposes EPA coal regs

Then for the old is new again file, see what the PG Digs Tumbr account has on the building of the US Steel building. US Steel Tower Nears Completion.

Unconnected stories?

Just a few years after the US Steel building went up, US Steel ran the full page advertisments below in local papers (in ink no less) decrying local environmental regulations. Regulations being promulated in the early 1970s by Allegheny County's air pollution folks in the health department. The same county air department that some politicial forces are still fighting to eliminate in more recent news

Old is new again.. and again... and again. 


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