Monday, August 26, 2013

Every Smell Has Its Map

NY's Gothamist had this funky post today: Map: Find Out What Manhattan's Sewers Smelled Like In 1910

Which has just motivated me in a stream of consciousness kind of way to put up selected pages from the classic: Odor Study and Engineering Evaluation of the LTV Steel Company Coke Plant in the Hazelwood Area of Pittsburgh.

From 1989, but ever more important today I would suggest. NY in 1910 documented locales of strong Banana Oil smell.  Eight decades later large swaths of the East End (see map in report) had documented and distinct instances of moth balls, burnt mothballs (who burns mothballs to know what they smell like?*), sulfer/mothballs and solvent/mothballs.  Who knew there were so many variants of mothball smells. 

The complete taxonomy of East End smells is a bit frightening. Not the stuff of sales brochures:


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