Thursday, September 26, 2013

Curious case of the disappearing court case

From a purely stream of consciousness path, yesterday's rant got me wondering..... what is up with the case against former county councilman Chuck McCullough? At one point it was regular news and by all accounts quite a circus.

Anyone know what is up? I see no follow up news anywhere in the last year. That and it has now been 6 years since the accusations against him first surfaced.  Do criminal trials usually take 6+ years to get to court?

Curious to look at all the folks connected to the case. It seems that the case against Mr. McC, relating to the disposition of a widow's money, stemmed from revelations first written about by former PG reporter Dennis Roddy who now works for Governor Corbett.  Remarkably McCullough himself was elected to Allegheny County Council after the revelations broke and even though he had publically announced he had withdrawn his candidacy.  However, the timing was such that it was past the deadline to remove names from the ballot and he still wound up beating the candidate who was on the ballot for Republican County Councilperson at large.

Makes you realize how important timing is.  If the accusations against McCullough had popped up just a few weeks earlier, his name would have likely come off the ballot and Kevin Acklin would have been elected without opposition as the dedicated Republican-at-large seat on county council. Makes for some interesting counterfactual speculation on how history would have evolved over the last few years.

update: Asked and answered..... The Null Space gnomes tell me that indeed appeals in the McCullough case are due to be argued on appeal before the Commonwealth's Superior Court in just three weeks (October 22) sitting in Pittsburgh no less.  Actually it appears the court is hearing two McCullough appeals the same day, one for Chuck, and one for his sister Kathleen who was convicted in unrelated cases.


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Mayoral chief of staff Dok Harris. Obviously.

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