Thursday, September 05, 2013

Weird Wandering Wonkery

Google turns 15....  Just imagine, Lycos would have been 19 going on 20. 

Remember the angst when Lycos left Pittsburgh for Boston? Supposedly it was because of a lack of workers here, but in all likelihood nothing more than the preference of the VC that bought them out in the historic IPO.  Pittsburgh fretted over all the potential jobs and future growth lost. It was not just Lycos, but some may recall when local news was abuzz with talk of founded locally (I do not make this up) as the future of business on the Internet. Somehow places like Fore Systems and Freemarkets could both ramp up tech hiring rapidly here, but Lycos' departure supposedly reflected some vast failure within the region. Unable to keep young workers here would doom us. Never again would the search engine biz return to Pittsburgh it was said. Thus became the likely spark of logic that later begat Border Guard Bob among other counterproductive regional neuroses.

Pardon, it is not appropriate to talk of Lycos in the past tense. Ironically something I learn about by asking Google. What was all that fretting about again?

As a related and more substantial aside, interesting story out of Boston on another 90s legacy web company and the divorce of from the Boston Globe.


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