Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Peak unemployment rates

Since new data continues to be curtailed by the big budget brouhaha... let's stick with the 30 years ago meme.  For perspective if nothing else, here are peak unemployment rates by county:

Allegheny County - January 1983 - 14.7%
Beaver County - January 1983 - 28%
Butler County - January 1983 - 20.2%
Fayette County - February 1983 - 26.7%
Greene County - February 1983 - 22.1%
Lawrence County - January 1983 - 23.3%
Washington County - January 1983 - 20.4%
Westmoreland County - January 1983 - 20.6%

For the regional unemployment rate over time, my interactive version appears to be still working, though I have not updated the most recent data in a couple years.

addendum:  yes... 28.0% was the peak unemployment rate recorded in Beaver County.   If you want to put these numbers in context, compare them to the potentially overestimated unemployment rates during the Great Depression... not the recent and 'Great Recession,' but the Great Depression of the 1930s.Also, I really am going to have to go back and calculate what U-6 was in the Pittsburgh region was in 1983. Going to be a scary number. 


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