Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Shutdown-less 'Burgh

Wonkers in Chief over at the WashPo and Brookings have the map of where the Federal Government shutdown is likely to impact the most.  WashPo: It’s not just D.C. Here’s where the shutdown is hitting across the country. Their top 10 metros have Federal workforces that make up between 8.8% and 17.6% of their entire regional workforces.  That is a lot.

But they don't dwell too much on where the federal civilian workforce isn't.  Pittsburgh has to be proportionally near the bottom, at least among large metro areas.  How many federal workers are there in the Pittsburgh MSA according to BLS?  17,300 or just under 1.5% of the region's workforce.  So if the region had 5 times as many federal workers as it does, it still would not crack that top 10 list.

If I wanted to parse more I would wonder about the impact of postal workers, which I presume are a big chunk of the region's federal workers.  Given that they are not furloughed at all, the net impact on the region is even less than the 1.5% suggests. 

This is all part of a theme actually.  For some time Pittsburgh has had one of the lowest proportions government workers across all metro areas.


Anonymous BrianTH said...

Given current political dynamics at the state and federal level, Pittsburgh certainly has been benefiting (in relative terms) throughout the recovery by having such a low percentage of government jobs. That said, like everywhere, government jobs in Pittsburgh have been steadily trending down, and that has measurably slowed the local rate of jobs growth. In other words, we would be having an even better recovery if not for this unprecedented trend.

In fact, I wonder how many people know that since 2009, the Pittsburgh MSA has lost about twice as many government jobs as it has gained in mining and logging.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013 12:51:00 PM  

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