Sunday, November 03, 2013

All Marcellus Considered

Try to come to one conclusion on all things marcellus and you will be chasing your tail. Just recently you have these stories.  

Oil and Gas Journal: TGP upgrade boosts Marcellus gas transport

Ohio Marcellus Shale gas growing faster than expected

New York down...  Lansing Star: Limited Potential for Shale Gas in New York

Forbes columnist says up...  Shale Gas Boom At 'Tip Of Iceberg'

But no matter the economics of it, I do have this overall impression the media is moderating its coveage of late.  Take the USAToday: Could fracking boom peter out sooner than DOE expects?

I mean, I don't think you have even the meta marcellus new coverage we used to have all around.  Folks are moving on.  


Anonymous MH said...

Not exactly on topic, but not off your usual interests. I went to St. Rosalia's today (or yesterday, at this point) and the priest remarked on the number of children there. So, the child with me counted 22 children. Which was far above the number of elderly in attendance. Very strange for Greenfield, where I've usually felt as if I'm visiting an unusually spacious nursing home. These population trends become real at the strangest moments.

Monday, November 04, 2013 12:35:00 AM  
Anonymous The Wiz said...

Article 1; Great news. The biggest obstacle to the nat gas biz is the lack of pipeline capacity and the time to convert industry and transportation to use it. Good to see more lines in place, like the new one being built from Eastern Pa through NY City area and on to Boston.

Article 2 It used to take a company 24-28 days to drill a well. Many have it down to 15-18 days now. So less rigs can drill more wells. Also, they have dramatically improved fracking techniques that get more gas from each well. For example, EOG uses much more propant per frac and gets double or even triple the gas from each well and they have a much smaller decline curve. They will continue to get more and more gas from each well. Plus, Range, Shell, and Rex have done horizontal drilling into the Upper Devonian in Lawrence and Butler counties, showing there is yet another good strata to develop in Pa. (At least three now)
Article 3 Chip Northrop, quoted in the article, is a known anti-gas activist that has been shown to have greatly exaggerated his resume/background and is not to be believed. Cornell U is strongly anti fracking and released a study a couple of years ago that so bad ( said Nat gas polluted worse than coal) it was laughed at by other scientists and dis-proven by later studies, including one by Duquesne U. But having said tat, it is true that NY Marcellus has limited potential, mainly just to the southern tier. But the Utica is yet unknown but Canada is drilling into the Utica with good results so NY has potential. The problem, besides the moratorium there, is that depressed gas prices have made NY Utica, which is deeper and drier, less attractive.
USA Today article; good example of how selective use of statistics can be used to support any position. The Hainsville and Barnett production has declined because other fields like the Marcellus and Eagle Ford are so productive and cheaper to produce. The Bakken is slowing because there are no pipelines and limited rail to move the product, plus other oil-producing fields like the Eagle Ford, Utica, Niabrara, are drawing more attention.
Interesting articles, thanks for posting them.

Monday, November 04, 2013 9:33:00 AM  

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