Sunday, December 15, 2013

Open Data Doughnut Hole

Reading latest news on potential (likely?) natural gas development in Allegheny County Parks. PG: Allegheny County's Park gas offer includes $3.5 million bonus. The industry is quoted as saying the parks could become doughnut holes. Reminds me of a scene in There Will Be Blood.

Makes me wish Allegheny County made the relevant  #opendata available to update the county gas drilling map. I do not believe that map is re-creatable any longer from the outside because the required data has actually become less accessible. If I am wrong about that, please let me know how to get the data in a usable form and I will fully retract the statement and offer undiluted wonk kudos. Imagine the great map we could make showing change over time if there was access to the data.

There is a bigger point to that. I know we are all focusing on city-centric news of late...  but there are 129* other municipalities in the county all of which could use a little more data love. In Pennsylvania, much of the most important data will have to come from counties in the long run, not only here, but across the Commonwealth.

* What number of municipalities you ask? We can't even agree. You see people talk of 128, 129 or 130 municipalities in the county. Depends if you include 1 or 2 municipalities that cross the county border and also sit, in part, in other counties.


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