Sunday, February 09, 2014

How bout them Steelers, товарищ?

PG has a story pointing out the connections between Pittsburgh and the Russian steel center of Magnitogorsk.See: A Russian tale with roots founded in ice and iron.   We talk about sister cities, but Pittsburgh really is of kindred spirit with the Magnetic Mountain and the steel center located near near it.

Beyond what the PG covered in its mostly sports-motivated piece, you can make the case that Pittsburgh helped build the steel center in the Urals. In 1931 the Koppers Corporation, still based in Pittsburgh, sent engineers to Magnitogorsk . The Pittsburgh engineers with their specialized expertise played a major role in setting up the monstrous coal batteries that were vital to completing the new integrated steel plant. The speed at which the monstrous plant was constructed remains an epic story. But Magnitogorsk probably had little opportunity to become an official sister city of Pittsburgh. Soon after the American engineers finished their work, the city was closed, forbidden to foreign visitors for most of the next half century.


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