Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Silver process

While the Warhol on Amiga news is pretty neat, there is also this from the new Hillman Photography Initiative and nowseethis.org.  More on that mountain otherwise known as Boyers, PA:

The Invisible Photograph: Part 1 (Underground) from Carnegie Museum of Art on Vimeo.

But speaking of photography, follow along my stream of consciousness for a minute. On the other side of the pond, The Guardian ran a story recently on income inequality, and some recent research that the American middle class has fallen behind that of some European nations.  A big topic, but the photo they chose to run with the article was of an otherwise nondescript  Pittsburgh denizen on the 4th of July in 1990. Curious graphic to choose in time or place. Pittsburgh as icon?

The photo was by noted photographer Nathan Benn, who had a book published recently, I meant to, but can't recall if I mentioned it here at the time. Benn had a whole series of Pittsburgh photographs from the same time. One of the most telling post-industrial Pittsburgh transformation images ever, and I do mean ever, is this photo Benn included in the book.


Anonymous Mullet said...

Yeah, she's on the verge of transformational hairstyle sea change ... forever!

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