Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Suburban Burgh

Something from the archives here, but maybe because I posted it a week before December 25 a couple years ago, I think few noticed it. Urbanologists may take note of this remarkable series of articles documenting the emergent suburban population growth that the Pittsburgh Press ran in 1951. Lots of ink on the topic.  So to repeat:

"Each worth reading in itself and ever more interesting now as history. The question is, what would a comparable series like this cover today?

1              May 7    Growing Pains in the Suburbs  - "flash towns shoot up on good roads"    

3              May 8    Penn Township  - ".. with plenty of jobs available, high school students are dropping out"             

4              May 9    Churchill Patton Plum - "virtually a golfing heaven"       

5              May 10 White Oak  - "one of the major ailments is that old debbil politics"          

6              May 11 West Mifflin - "Homestead loses most"  also "Transportation bugaboo"    

7              May 12 Pleasant Hills   - "Rural area and borough still feud"

8              May 13 Baldwin and Whitehall   - "Township officials missed the zero hour for filing their annexation petition..."

9              May 14 Bethel Borough               

10           May 15 Green Tree and Scott    

11           May 16 Mount Lebanon              

12           May 17 Reserve Shaler Hampton             

13           May 18 Dorseyville Middle Road              

14           May 19 North Hills Ross Richland              

15           May 20 Moon Robinson Kennedy          

16           May 21 Metropolitan Area Needs Master Plan  


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