Friday, May 02, 2014

Cleveburgh, Brain Gain, and the Warhola Möbius

For those of Cleveburgh ilk, lots of ink of late on Brain Gain up the turpike worth a read. Cleveland Leader: Brain Gain: Study Shows Cleveland is Attracting Young, Educated Professionals. Jim R goes into the study behind it

It just got me thinking about how persistent this whole brain drain topic has been here. Looking back it brings to mind our version of the brain drain obsession from over a decade ago. See this in the Trib from 2003: Region's 'brain drain' mostly a myth. The opening line is priceless:
"The Pirates will never win another pennant, nobody wants to shop Downtown and young people are deserting the Pittsburgh area in droves."
But keep reading beyond that. Note in particular the discussion back then of embracing Andy Warhol here and a bit more honest discussion of his legacy here, or at least his much more distant relationship with his hometown than we admit to these days.Those Amiga illustrations all in the news of late? Pretty deliberately not composed in Pittsburgh I am pretty sure. But here they reside, discovered with a lot of high tech Pittsburgh digital archeology no less.

Didn't even mention BGB, now did I?


Blogger joe said...

Cleveland is doing so well its creatives are coming here...

From the Nullspace Cleveburgh arts and entertainment field scout desk, be sure to check out the "Cleveland/Rocks Film Festival" at the restoration-in-progress Parkway Theater, May 17-25th. Nine days, 7 films (6 of them from the Cleveland International Film Festival).

Aaron Stubna, my Lincoln Avenue barber in Bellevue, is creating something pretty special in the Rocks with the Parkway Theater & Cinema Coffee Shop there on 644 Broadway Avenue, McKees Rocks.

Check it out and support the homegrown ones before they all flee to Cleveland.

Saturday, May 03, 2014 12:01:00 PM  
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