Friday, May 16, 2014

From Brown to Duquesne

Lots of news mentioning the 60th anniversary today of the Supreme Court decision on Brown v. Board of Education. Long time ago, but realize that it was more than a quarter century until the Woodland Hills School District was formed by a Brown-inspired  and Federal court mandated consent decree to address segregation issues here. And if that seems like old news in itself, the one school district that did not get rolled into the geography that formed Woodland Hills is the semi-extant Duquesne School District. Why the ongoing failure of the Duquesne school district, which failed at finding any local school district willing to take its elementary students with the state of Pennsylvania paying the bills, is not in the news befuddles me. Remember that the elimination of Duquesne's High School was, at least nominally based on segregation issues.  But what was needed for high school students is apparently not needed for younger students? 

Anyway, I raise you a decade and show you the 70 year history of residential segregation by race in Allegheny County.


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