Monday, June 09, 2014

Manufacturing a conundrum

If there is a news thread conflicted these days it is what is up with manufacturing in Western Pennsylvania? Yesterday @brotheroneill took up directly as few others have as yet the contradiction between marketing themes most hear repeatedly via paid (and earned) media and hard news in Patriotism is pipe dream to some steel purchasers.

So what is the connection between manufacturing and shale development? A report just produced by  a local law firm looks at all things Marcellus and one of the main conclusions is that:"we are at the threshold of a manufacturing renaissance."Yet the news last week as all about the announced shut down of the US Steel's Tubular Works in Mckeesport, the very plant that was supposed to benefit the most by shale-induced demand.

The bottom line of late is that, shale related or not, it is not shaping up to be a good year for manufacturing in Pittsburgh. Literally today, the news was only getting worse with over 400 more manufacturing jobs put on the chopping block at the Anchor Hocking plant in Monaca, a far larger hit than what is expected in McKeesport. The lesser attention that closing is likely to get goes with the greater mythos of steel in Pittsburgh. Those losses again being on top of other as mentioned recently, job losses over over 100 each at a local industrial bakery and nuclear storage container maker. Note that those two sites collectively have far more jobs than are being lost at the tubular works in McKeesport. Again, unlikely to make anywhere near as much news.

and as much to make note of the new embed feature KDKA-TV is making available for their video segements as the obvious vanity reference in this...  more on all of the above in this:


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