Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pittsburgh immigration data update

Same story, new year.  New data - or not so new data, just newly published - on international immigration was released from the US Department of Homeland Security earlier this month. Someone ought to notice. The trend for Pittsburgh in naturalizations, those becoming citizens, here can be updated to include 2014 data.  Bottom line: a very small tick up from 2013.  1,496 naturalizations occurred in Pittsburgh in 2014. Still, if you normalized on the size of the region Pittsburgh remains about as low as it gets in this statistic, much as it has been for decades. Naturalizations in Pittsburgh are noticeably below the level of Cleveland (1,942) and Cincinnati (1,691) and far less than half that of Columbus, Ohio (3,407) for just for a few nearby examples.

Also very different from national data, there has been virtually no new citizens naturalizing in Pittsburgh who were born in Mexico (a total of 29) no matter how many stories you read about the changing demographics of Beechview. As has been the trend, most naturalizations here come from Asia, which includes India. Granted this is data on naturalizations and it takes a long time to become a naturalized citizen. So sure, it could be that there will be a trend up in a decade, but that was the story from a decade and a half ago as well. Other than that I'll skip any more pseudo punditry and just post this for the pseudo record. Here is the trend and basic stats on naturalizations in Pittsburgh and some US data for comparison. 

US Pittsburgh MSA
Total 653,416 1,496
Europe 71,325 254
Asia and Oceania 236,562 871
Africa 62,175 166
Mexico 94,889 29
Other North America 127,658 97
South America 60,665 79
Unknown 142 -